Privacy Policy


'We' refers Robert Todd and Son Ltd. 'You' refers to the party visiting/using our site.

What We Do

We collect some information about your visit to We use this to find out what is popular on our website and provide more useful content that visitors, such as yourself, want to see.

What We Collect

We collect information about your computer, that is sent by your web browser and combine that with information about your visit, for example pages you looked at and how long you visited them for. To do this we use a tool called Piwik Analytics which is approved by The very last thing we want to do is invade your privacy. The information we collect is not enough for us to personally identify you, but is just enough to see what people are interested in on our site. We do collect IP (internet protocol) addresses and times of visits, which together, could by a third party such as The Police, identify you.

Who Can Get Access to the Data Collected?

Those who are involved in running and maintaining of, will have access to visitor data. The access will be restricted to the minimum required for their involvement in this project and they will not be allowed to use it for anything other than working on Robert Todds Ltd. endervers. We will not release any data that could be used to identify you, unless legally required to by laws applicable in England, or we find any suspicious behaviour on our site. In which case we may give any information we have about that visit to law enforcement, hosting provider or any other party involved in resolving the issue, in an attempt to prevent (further) damage to our site or others.

In other words if you're trying to break into or do something illegal using our site we may report it.


If you login to our site, we will log additional information about your visit, which is uniquely identifiable to you. This is for security purposes.